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Siemens Hosts Successful the SUNRISE-6G Month 6 Plenary Meeting

Siemens hosted the M6 plenary meeting of the SUNRISE-6G project on July 3rd in Munich, Germany, bringing together all 28 partners from across Europe.


The meeting marked a significant milestone in the project’s journey to develop a robust experimental infrastructure to drive Europe towards the forefront of 6G technology. Representatives from each partner organisation were present, reflecting the collaborative spirit and shared commitment to innovation that defines the SUNRISE-6G initiative.


During the meeting, the lead partners presented the first six months’ progress, showcasing achievements in technical advancements and addressing emerging challenges. In a dynamic brainstorming session, the participants discussed the differentiation and specialisation of the 14 6G testbeds being developed across the project, highlighting their unique contributions to the overall 6G landscape.

The meeting concluded with a strategic outline for the next phase, emphasising the project’s goal of fostering a comprehensive and resilient 6G ecosystem throughout Europe. This gathering underscored the project’s momentum and set a clear path forward for its ambitious objectives.

The SUNRISE-6G project aims to create an experimental infrastructure to accelerate the development and deployment of 6G technology across Europe. Focusing on enhancing connectivity and fostering technological advancements, the project represents a significant step towards realising the next generation of wireless communication.


The meeting in Munich was an opportunity to align our vision and tackle the challenges head-on, ensuring we remain at the forefront of global 6G development. It highlighted the progress made in just six months and underscored the importance of our collaborative efforts.


As the project advances, the insights and strategies from this plenary meeting will be instrumental in pushing the boundaries of 6G research and implementation.


The SUNRISE-6G consortium looks forward to the project’s next phase and is confident in the collaborative efforts and shared vision that will drive success.