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In today’s cloud-centric era, enterprises are increasingly embracing multi-cloud strategies to optimise performance, control costs, and mitigate the risks of vendor lock-in.


Introducing SAM (Subseries Augmentation-based Meta-learning), our innovative framework is designed to facilitate seamless migration of AIOps models between cloud platforms without re-training from scratch. SAM efficiently adapts AIOps models to new cloud environments by leveraging advanced data augmentation and meta-learning techniques.


This novel approach has proven highly effective in adapting anomaly detectors across various configurations. Its potential applications extend to other AI models for automating critical IT tasks such as alerting and resource scaling.


Accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD2024), a premier international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of cloud computing. IEEE CLOUD is the flagship conference of the IEEE Computer Society focusing on innovative cloud computing across all “Everything as a Service” paradigms (XaaS).


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Join us at the CLOUD 2024 conference to explore how SAM is setting new standards in cloud computing.