Deliver a pan-European 6G experimentation facility, supporting cross-domain vertical application deployment and testing via a decentralized management plane.

Targeted Actions:
  • Pan-European federation of testbeds, 6G enablers, and experimentation tools
  • East/West Management APIs facilitate scalable cross-domain service deployment
  • Common Experimentation Plane adopted by all testbeds
  • Web Portal open to experimenters, 6G testbed and component owners, and vertical owners

Implement an Open Federation Framework supporting vertical use-case deployment at the Federated Facility via standardised Camara Service APIs.

Targeted Actions:
  • Extend the Camara Initiative framework, offering unified, cross-domain APIs towards use-cases
  • Build on GSMA Operator Group (OPG) East/West APIs to support cross-testbed service deployment
  • Deliver transformation functions that map internal testbed APIs of potentially competing platforms (e.g., ONF Aether and OpenNebula) to externally accessible Service APIs

Ensure the evolvability of the facility, offering streamlined testbed onboarding workflows, and providing a clear roadmap to 3GPP compliance and large-scale trials.

Targeted Actions:
  • 3GPP compliant federator framework and Open SDKs offering a clear roadmap to large-scale trials for testbeds
  • Secure federation of Testbeds with non-end-to-end capabilities via the access gateway of Aggregator nodes
  • Camara-compliant verticals deployed unchanged to large-scale trial sites that support Camara Service APIs
  • EU-US cooperation ensured via the adoption of the SLICES O-RAN BluePrint, also adopted by PAWR, Colosseum and Arena US test facilities

Validate the Federated facility via advanced use cases, showcasing cross-testbed vertical deployment, and seamless onboarding of third-party testbeds.

Targeted Actions:
  • Demonstrate Metaverse in a cross-testbed scenario, deployed via Camara APIs
  • Validate the E2EAI framework and AIaaS concept in a Collaborative robotics UC
  • Showcase NTN integration in 6G infrastructures with simultaneous dual-connectivity
  • Validate a set of KVIs, jointly defined with the 3 STREAM-2022-C-01-01 projects (6G-BRICKS, 6GSANBOX and 6G-XR)

Offer a 6G Library of breakthrough components, devices and frameworks covering the complete device-to-cloud value chain, which is externally accessible for experimentation.

Targeted Actions:
  • Leverage existing components primarily being developed within SNS Phase 1 projects
  • Deliver complementary enablers for JCAS, Near-Field RIS, NTN and Digital Twinning
  • Offer Functional Tests for all 6G Library components, remotely accessible by experimenters
  • Demonstrate better than 5G KPIs via Functional Tests

Facilitate Intent-Driven Lifecycle Management of experimentation processes (IDLM) through MLOps-driven Native AI integration.

Targeted Actions:
  • Deliver MLOps automation mechanisms for zero-touch translation of declarative intents to infrastructure orchestration, service assurance pipelines and experimental setup
  • Testbeds acting as “Supernodes” offering AIaaS to more limited ones, or to third parties (e.g., private networks)
  • Synergistic knowledge extraction and sharing among federated experimentation facilities
  • Devise methods for building incremental repositories of Foundation Models (FM) and their domain adaptation
  • Explainability, interpretability, privacy and data sovereignty compliance
  • Commitment for open datasets
  • Define Declarative Intents for experimentation, extending the TMForum model

Maximise the project’s impact and visibility through wide means of dissemination, communication, standardisation and exploitation.

Targeted Actions:
  • Produce a significant portfolio of technology components for dissemination into scientific publications at internationally conferences or journals, organisation of workshops in connection with high profile conferences
  • Produce IPR
  • Contributions to relevant pre-standards/standards forums
  • Start of an ETSI Software Development Group (SDG) on a Federation Framework that will devise, in collaboration with consortium partners who are ETSI members, an open Federator SDK