Pan-European 6G Federated Infrastructure Flagship Project

SUstainable federation of Research Infrastructures for Scaling-up Experimentation in 6G


SUNRISE-6G provides a scalable, open and standards-compliant approach to experimentation and vertical application deployment in a pan-European Federation of 6G infrastructures, that provides access to a comprehensive library of 6G enablers.


This project, coordinated by ISI/ATH, was selected under the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) second call for proposals, with a financial commitment to SUNRISE-6G part of the total €130 million fund dispersed across 27 innovative projects. This association is set to enhance a robust experimental infrastructure throughout Europe, taking a significant step towards the realisation of 6G technology.


Deliver a pan-European 6G experimentation facility, supporting cross-domain vertical application deployment and testing via a decentralised management plane

Implement an Open Federation Framework supporting vertical Use-Case deployment at the Federated Facility via standardised Camara Service APIs

Ensure the evolvability of the facility, offering streamlined testbed onboarding workflows, and providing a clear roadmap to 3GPP compliance and large-scale trials

Validate the Federated facility via advanced Use Cases, showcasing cross-testbed vertical deployment, and seamless onboarding of third-party testbeds

Offer a 6G Library of breakthrough components, devices and frameworks covering the complete device-to-cloud value chain, which is externally accessible for experimentation

Facilitate Intent-Driven Lifecycle Management of experimentation processes (IDLM) through Machine Learning Operations-driven Native Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration

Maximise the project’s impact and visibility through wide means of dissemination, communication, standardisation and exploitation

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